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CELEBS vs BLOGGERS: Bloggers are fashion’s new power players, so I thought it’d be fun to do a post on style from both celebs and bloggers! A fresh take on a style showdown! 🙂

GET HER LOOK: A monthly feature highlighting a blogger’s personal style and in particular outfit, outlining all the details on how to achieve the same look!

WHAT I WISH I WORE TODAY: A girl can dream! My series of outrageously expensive outfits, that I wish I could afford to buy, lol. Ok, not everything is extensively unattainable, but they’ll most definitely be a high end number in each set! Blame my expensive taste!

Instalicious: My life through my iPhone! Capturing moments in fashion, motherhood, business and entertainment!

BLOGGER STYLE: Stylish snaps of chic outfits from fashion bloggers we all know and love.

RED CARPET FASHION: Most of my posts are about bloggers and their outfits, so thought it’s be cool to throw in a quick celebrity style into the FBL mix!

PICTURE PAUSE: Just a snapshot that I’m digging, hoping to spread some sort of visual inspiration!

TREND WATCH: Taking a look at what trends are hot, why and wear to buy the best items!

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  1. Very nice : D, thanks for sharing.

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