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Ever thought of starting your own T-Shirt line? I have and I’m sure the idea has popped into your head once or twice! I totally admire what the lovely Julie of Sincerely Jules has achieved over the years and I think adding a T-Shirt line to your blog is a great way to create an additional stream of moolah to your site.

Her newest tee, the CÉLFIE tees are gen.i.us!! and all it takes is for you is to come up with your own T-Shirt phrases and/or designs and BAM! you have a T-Shirt line; monetizing directly to consumers and not just from ads and affiliate marketing.

But unless you’ve been in the garment industry your whole life (which I’m guessing many of us bloggers have not), you’re going to want to find a printer who knows more about ink, fabric, and production than you.

Well FashionBlogLove has teamed up with London’s hot spot for T-Shirt Printing, DMGPrints, to bring you a fantastic deal to get you started! The idea is to start off small so you can test the market – see what your followers like. Helping you launch with SIX initial designs, DMG will take your TShirts ideas from concept to reality!


Contact info@dmgprints.com with your name, blog name and contact details and DMG Prints will be in touch with the next steps in getting your creative juices flowing! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Go!



Nothing lasts forever guys. 

It’s a scary, often “hopped over” subject, but the fact of the matter is, the phenomenon of fashion blogging and bloggers will unfortunately not last forever. Trends come and go, and although fashion bloggers have changed the game in the industry over the last few years, it’s hard not to think what’ll happen when we all “get bored” of fashion bloggers.

This “Is Fashion Week Dead To Bloggers?” post by Jen of The Style Crusader sparked a few thoughts. Not only did I question whether the power of bloggers was slowly wearing off, but having not been to “Fashion Week” myself, it was rather interesting to hear that many bloggers were left feeling a little deflated during and in between shows this season. (Two unrelated but related, even interchangeable topics).

Can you relate? What’s your thoughts? Check out more points raised over at the original post.

Image via The Blonde Salad


This post should totally be renamed ‘Post Envy’!

You know you’ve made it as a blogger when you receive this many gifts (AND of this quality)… on a regular!

Kristina Bazan, who won last year’s Polyvore’s Community Choice Award for her blog Kayture , is one lucky girl! To say that I’m slightly jealous would be an understatement, haha.

Check out all her other gifts & goodies here.